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A to K: SoCal


A to K SoCal : Bringing Authors to KIPP SoCal


A to K: SoCal is a partnership between supporters of KIPP SoCal, KIPP SoCal teachers, and Creating Conversations. This program began in 2011 and provides KIPP SoCal’s 23 schools with rich learning opportunities by bringing published authors to their classrooms to talk about their new books, the writing process, and to answer questions from the students. These life-changing visits expand student's understanding of writing and literature by meeting and talking with authors of the books they read. 

A to K: SoCal hosts six to eight authors per year. This is how the program works:

  • Creating Conversations reviews lists of authors traveling to Los Angeles or available for virtual visits to determine if they are a fit with the goals of the KIPP SoCal elementary and middle schools (Grades K – 8);
  • If there is a fit with the schools, Creating Conversations coordinates a visit with two schools incorporating four classrooms;
  • Each student who attends the program will receive a book by the author (a minimum of 120 books);
  • Up to 15 copies of the author’s book are donated to each school’s library

Books are purchased by A to K: SoCal and their supporters from Creating Conversations at discounted prices.

Collage of Ty Allan Jackson [Black man with glasses in white shirt & black pants] sharing his book Make Your Own Money: How Kids Can Earn It, Save It, Spend It, and Dream Big, with Danny Dollar, the King of Cha-Ching with students in safe socially distanced classrooms, Authors to Kipp [A to KLA] graphic

KIPP SoCal Public Schools (KIPP SoCal) is a non-profit organization that operates 23 tuition-free, open-enrollment charter public schools, within 19 Local Education Agencies, educating more than 9,500 students and supporting 5,100 alumni to and through college. For more information about KIPP SoCal, please visit their website.

KIPP SoCal Public Schools and Creating Conversations are proud of the partnership they have created to increase students’ access to high-quality reading materials and unique experiences focused on literacy. A to K: SoCal continues to expand this partnership, bringing authors, books, and rich literacy experiences to KIPP SoCal school students in SoCal and possibly to other communities.

2024 AtoK SoCal Visiting Authors