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Bringing Authors to your Community

Creating Conversations offers customized author, speaker, and book programs to fit the needs of Southern California libraries, community organizations, and local chapters of philanthropic groups. We can help you design your author speaker series, offer suggestions for authors to participate, and provide you with a bookseller and books for your event. Our services include:

Designing and planning author programs. We partner with organizations to help determine the focus of their author programs, coordinate with publishers to secure authors and manage pop-up sales for their event.

Creating original programs. We have created original programming such as Ladies, Lunch, and Literacy and Books Are Better Shared. Both of these programs are available to other communities in partnership with Creating Conversations.

Administering and managing ticket sales. We can create and oversee ticketing and registration for events through automated services.

We look forward to continuing to find creative and interesting ways to bring authors/speakers to your local organizations. Let us know if we can help bring these programs to your area, or if you know of others seeking to develop author/speaker programs for their own community.